Jinsi ya kupata pesa katika Olymp Trade

Jinsi ya kupata pesa katika Olymp Trade

If you search for a simple strategy, that works for 2 minutes and has a good percentage of wins, ITM is the one! Read it all about here.

Why is the ITM strategy the best strategy to make money at Olymp Trade?

Because it is a simple strategy to Olymp Trade, easy to apply, with a good percentage of wins, ideal to make money at Olymp Trade.

ITM works for 2 minutes which is specific for those who like the Fixed Time Trades turbo mode.

ITM comes from In The Money, an expression used in trading. And this is what you want, to be in profit with this strategy, to make money at Olymp Trade!

I initially developed this strategy for the IQ Option.

With the improvement of the Platform of Olymp Trade, it was possible to apply the strategy on Olymp Trade trading platform.

While there are no foolproof strategies, this one is good to make money at Olymp Trade, especially if you do not have much experience, or if you do not have any trading courses … or if you just could not make money at Olymp Trade with your current strategies.

What are the reasons for ITM to be the best way to make money at Olymp Trade?

1 – It is a simple strategy to understand and apply:

Many strategies are very complicated because they require immense indicators, some of them sometimes do not exist on the platform we are using.

Sometimes, in addition to the indicators, there are lots of rules that make confusion.

This is even more complicated when we have little experience, causing mistakes that take away our profits at Olymp Trade in a very short time.

This strategy has only a few indicators and its simple to understand.

The rules for entering an operation are few and easy to apply.

Often, the simple way is the best way and in this case, the strategy allows you to make money at Olymp Trade in a simple and practical way.

2 – It is a strategy that works on Olymp Trade Platform:

There are strategies that use certain indicators that can not be used on the Olymp Trade platform.

All the indicators used in this strategy exist on the platform of OlympTrade so you can use the strategy in full.
Jinsi ya kupata pesa katika Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade account types

3 – You can use the ITM strategy in the Olymp Trade App:

This strategy can be applied to the Olymp Trade Application (iOS or Android). You only have to configure it in the application.

4 – You can use ITM with any Asset:

You can use the strategy to trade in assets and even non-currency assets.
Jinsi ya kupata pesa katika Olymp Trade

Make money at Olymp Trade

Make Money at Olymp Trade | How the ITM Strategy Works:

– The strategy uses 3 indicators: Bollinger, Stochastic and Awesome Oscillator Bands.

The indicators are configured in an unusual way, this is because they are indicators that are usually used in Forex strategies types or for Fixed Time Trades with longer expiration times.

On the other hand, its a strategy for 2 minutes, so we were configured for this type of strategy.

– The expiration time is 2 minutes.

I am not a big fan of operations for 1 minute, there is little time to think, to act and the luck factor influences a lot.

Operate in 2 minutes, allows quick decision and put multiple entries and allows double the time, which leaves us more relaxed and more time, thus reducing the luck/chance factor.

– The best time to negotiate with the Strategy is at the end of the day and at night.

Starting at 6:00 p.m. (London time or GMT 0) is when the strategy works better. You can use it at dawn until the opening of the European market (9:00 a.m. London time or GMT 0), and even in the early hours of the morning if the market is calm. We must avoid the time from 12:30 am to 17:59 p.m. (London time).

– When the operation is lost I can enter up to 2 times in Martingale.

Although I am not in favor of using Martingale to make operations riskier, certain strategies work well.

In this strategy, I use 2 times and with good results, because it is very normal to win in Martingale, without having to risk big losses.

Make Money At Olymp Trade | How to receive the ITM strategy:

The strategy is sent by email with all the explanations of operation and the images that teach to configure each of the indicators.

The strategy: Make Money At Olymp Trade is free but is EXCLUSIVE to our referrals.

To become a referral is simple, contact us by Chat, leave a comment in the comments section below or use another of our contact methods.

Do You already HAVE AN ACCOUNT? Contact us!

Make Money at Olymp Trade | Precautions to have:

1 – Do not operate close to leaving important news.

Why? Because this news can cause shocks and volatility in the markets. Eventually leading to losing operations.

At this point, we can instead use a strategy to operate on the news. Trend Following Strategy

If you do not have a strategy for news you should pause the negotiations during important news events.

Because … not make money at Olymp Trade, it’s better than … losing at Olymp Trade.

2 – At the end of the day, OlympTrade has a moment that lowers the percentage of profits.

It is not worth to operate with payouts less than 65% payout, because the risk in regard to the gains you can earn at Olymp Trade does not pay off.

Wait a bit until OlympTrade increases payouts.

3 – Small Candles. When the market is almost at a standstill and the candles have no dimension at all, it is not worth operating.

It is best to wait sometime or look for an asset with some volatility or movement.

4 – Support and Resistance.

Look for levels of supports and resistances that might help make the decision to come in or wait a little longer.

5 – Round Figures.

In the video I teach using our Fixed Time Trades Signals I talk about it. Watch the Video HERE.

You should know that there are no perfect strategies that will always work, at any day or time.

It is a lie that there are strategies that do 90% or more.

Therefore, a good part of the positive results is directly related to discipline, patience, experience, emotional control, and trading rules.

Make money at Olymp Trade or any other trading platform always depends on a set of situations and not just the strategy.

Here’s how to we summarize how to make money at Olymp Trade with this strategy:

  • A simple strategy to use.
  • Only 3 indicators to configure.
  • Two minutes expiration time.
  • It works well when the market has no important trend.
  • It offers around 80% winning rate.

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